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Keep this simple and follow the steps as laid out. Do NOT get hung up on this part. You’ll only be doing this part yourself for a very short time.

These steps are listed in a “modular” fashion. Each is a separate task, so I have created the instructions for each in the individual Appendices. This way you have this overview checklist, and when you are going to do each of the tasks (and very soon have these done for you), you can simply refer to that particular instruction set.

  1. Choose a merchant and get your link(s)
  2. Set up your blog and make your sales page
  3. Create an original article and get it widely published
  4. Write as many articles as you can each week and publish each one to your blog and submit them to Article Directories

Do not miss the next articles for further details 😉

During this stage you’ll be trading your time for the funds to build the rig that will take the work out of your hands and accelerate the passive income growth. This is how this plan requires no startup capital.

Regarding your situation right now, you either have a mailing list or you don’t.

If you don’t currently have a list to mail to, then you’ll want to get on the Fast Track as quickly as possible.

If you do have a list of clients, prospects or subscribers you can get on the Super-Fast Track to freedom in two steps. You’ll be through this stage almost immediately.

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You have two immediate objectives:

  1. Using the free methods and your time, quickly jump-start the income flowing and then immediately reinvest to begin utilizing the resources and leverage your time to take 99% of the work out of your hands while growing your passive income.
  2. Make use of the system described in the following articles – or other ones you already know – to aggressively accelerate your income growth. Again, since your actions now cause your income to accumulate, you want to use the recommended resources so that this is hands-off for you through outsourcing and automation – so that you aren’t doing the work but you’re still growing your income.

Your medium term objective will be to put the things in place to make sure that your income only grows.