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MOB #22: Using Your Completed Rig to Rapidly Grow Your Passive Income

Here is a brief description of the system you’ll be working with once you’ve acquired the resources. You’ll use these components together to create, spin and widely distribute articles that will drive people to your sales page (blog, co-branded merchant page, etc.)

Once you’ve built the rig, here is how to use it in a manner that only takes a hour or two a month to grow your passive income at high-speed. You’ll also use it to maintain your income or give yourself a raise anytime you choose!

The Income Building Phase

During this phase, you want to reinvest your income to create even more income, but using the resources to leverage your time and results.

Each month, you’ll want to use a 50/50 balance (dollar-wise) between the unique articles and mass-distribution of single articles. This process is going to get you massive exposure for your articles and thousands of backlinks to your blog page.

You’ll also want to post an article to your blog regularly. Takes about two minutes to log in, copy and paste and log out.

When your available working capital is greater, simply increase the number of articles. You’ll get your articles in front of a massive number of people plus pick up thousands of one-way backlinks.

The Maintenance Phase – once your income goals have been reached.

Once a month or maybe even once a quarter, you’ll want to repeat the entire process. This will keep your income at the desired level and growing, with a minimum of time required by you.

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