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MOB #25: Keeping Your Freedom and Building Your Wealth

You should be seeing decent money flowing to you by this point. This is when your freedom is easily within reach. Now you want to make sure that your freedom is permanent and steadily increasing.

In this stage, there are two things that you should be doing simultaneously.

  1. Continuing the process above using the services and tools you’ve acquired. You want to continue to build your passive income to the point that it exceeds your monthly expenses. You want to over-shoot your expenses because you want to put some money in the bank for reserves, some for investing, and you also want to begin the second activity.
  2. Begin paying off your debts, thus lowering your monthly expenses. Remember, you should look at your wealth in terms of time rather than dollars. The time is how long you can cover your monthly expenses without having to work. The lower your monthly expenses, the longer your reserves will last. Plus, the greater the difference between your monthly passive income and your total living expenses, the faster you can build your wealth and the more money you’ll have for investing and further building your wealth. Ideally, you should go for being totally debt-free. That’s when you can really have a strong feeling of financial security – when you own everything outright, free and clear.

During the time that you close the gap between your passive income and your expenses, you want to be careful NOT to incur further debt. This jeopardizes your freedom. If you want something, don’t take your money and go buy it. Create the additional passive income to pay for it! This in essence is how to have everything for free in life – when you have someone (or something like your assets that you create) pay for them.

Change your attitude about paying for things with your money.

Instead of being willing to spend your money for the things you want, get in the mindset to create cashflows to pay for those things. Have the patience to wait to get them long enough to create the cashflow.

You now have the method to do this, which means that you really never have to spend YOUR money on anything ever again if you manage it properly.

Don’t think you could wait for 30 to 60 days to get something like a new car?

Do you think you could have the patience for a new car if someone were to tell you that you could have it for free if you would simply wait for 30-60 days? That “free” would be you going and taking that time to create another income stream that would pay for the car. If your asset is paying for the car then you don’t have to!

The main thing is to protect your money and have your assets buy all your liabilities.

The ironic thing is that we already had this concept down when we were kids. Mom and Dad paid for everything. If we could get someone else to do our chores for us, we’d jump on it.

As we grew up, we were told that we had to do everything ourselves, be self-sufficient and independent. Don’t get help from others (that would be cheating). Get a good education, get a good job and save your money for a rainy day.

The means for you to live like a kid again are in your hands.

Manage your money and keep your outflows within your inflows of cash. When you want anything extra, just increase your incoming cashflows to pay for it.

When Robert Kiyosaki wrote Rich Dad Poor Dad, he truly laid out a clear explanation of exactly how to achieve financial freedom. The means of accomplishing what he teaches just weren’t yet in existence and readily available to everyone regardless of their circumstances like they are today. BUT THEY ARE NOW.

I again strongly suggest that you get a copy and read it –> Rich Dad Poor Dad

In your hands now, you have a plan of action to realize what you’ve wanted all along – a realistic and complete plan how you can escape the rat race permanently.

Time and money seem to be the two things we really want most, yet live lives that are short on either or both of them. Now you can have both.

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