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Mastering Online Business

You have two choices right now and either one is fine. It is entirely your choice.

  1. You can use the system as it is and reach your goal without having to learn or do anything additional.
  2. If you would like to make your new asset even more productive, you can add specific components to the process to make it more effective and your efforts more profitable. These components are the more commonplace pieces to the standard internet business.

Ramping Things Up

  1. Register a domain name. I usually go to or
  2. Have two free products created, such as short reports, audios, videos, etc. related to the issues that your prospects face. Use or one of the other freelance sites.
  3. Make sure that you have a good looking cover for your freebie! This makes a huge difference in the perceived value of it.

    If you don’t already have a good source for getting ecovers made, head over to Wendy does great work, has good turn around time and is very price competitive. She did the graphic for this Plan!

  4. If you don’t already have an autoresponder system, sign up for one now, such as at or .
  5. Put up a squeeze page at your new domain. Offer one of the freebies to visitors to entice them to give you their name and email address so that you can begin building your own list.

    The added benefit to doing this now you can have the resource box in your article offer them the freebie that you’ve got for them. I’ve always seen improved click-through rates by using the freebie offer.

    Have the squeeze page direct them to your blog page (sales page). If you don’t know how to create a squeeze page, then you can try The Ultimate Squeeze Page Offer. I haven’t used it before myself, but I have colleagues that speak rather highly of it.

    You will want to have your articles direct people to your squeeze page now, instead of directly to your sales page (blog).

  6. Alternate option: You can take advantage of the circumstances and pick up some free referrals. Have the squeeze page direct them to a Tell-A-Friend page where they can get another freebie by telling their friends about the great first one they just got.

    On this page is where you offer them the second freebie as an enticement to tell their friends. You can pick up some easy subscribers and clients this way, so if you are inclined, then definitely do this one.

  7. Create a few emails to load into your autoresponder that remind the reader of the potential risks of ignoring their problem and that promote the benefits of the service you recommend. This will increase your conversion rate by 2-5 times if done properly.
  8. Choose other merchants that might be appropriate to present to your prospect. Create emails that will direct them to related blog (sales) pages that you have set up.

    To make this really easy, simply take articles that you write or order from an online article writing service and use that for the content of your emails. For a refresher on creating emails, watch the free videos again at .

By taking these additional steps, you will be building a customer list that you can come to whenever you want to promote additional services at a later time.

Making use of an autoresponder for multiple exposure to the visitors you do get also greatly helps increase your conversion rates, plus allows you to promote additional services to your visitors.

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