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MOB #12: The Criteria for the Marketing Method (Part 1)

Let’s filter down the list by looking at your objective and only focus on what is the best of the best for your purposes during this period of freeing yourself. Then you can focus
your energies and really make it productive.

Remember, this is a short term plan to get you financially free. Let’s keep this simple and then you can play and have fun with everything else very shortly – all by choice with your time to do with as you please!

Low risk. Any form of paid advertising is risky because you don’t know for certain the
results of your ads or the medium in which you advertise. Advertising costs can add up very quickly and put you “in the hole” fast, besides eating up potential profits.

Understand paid advertising does work and may be advantageous to do at a later time, but it is not necessary at this point. Besides, it goes against our next criteria.

Does NOT require you to spend any of your money. Your purpose here is to create positive cash flows initially for free, then leverage that money to do the work of growing
your income.

This eliminates ezine ads, pay-per-click, off-line marketing, and webinars.

Easy to do and easy to outsource & automate. Your goal here is to quickly have a system where at most, you spend an hour once a month to set everything into action. For most of us, making videos that sell and writing 15-20 page reports along with the creating the systems for the delivery of the reports are a bit time intensive or just not
within the skill set that many have. Besides, to exchange links or banners, you have to have a site to use. These too are eliminated from this plan.

Can easily be done in a short period of time. Joint ventures are very effective for products that you own, but it does take time to develop the relationships with good JV partners, plus this can be very challenging if you’re an affiliate for someone else. Scratch JV’s for this plan.

SEO and organic search engine traffic are all well and good by themselves, but take a fair amount of time and skill to produce. With the method prescribed here, you’ll address these issues anyway. Scratch these from the list as your primary focus for this short period.

Has “staying power”. You want a method that will continue to create new cash flow for you both now and for a long period of time, preferably forever. Free classified are okay, but not overly effective and they do expire unless you want to pay to have them run for a long time.

Of the methods listed above (on a previous post), again, the problem can be too many choices and you don’t really want to do all of them. You are already familiar with some or most of them and you can use them if you’d like to get the snowball rolling, but you’ll want to adopt the method here because it is easy to systematize in a fashion that is quick and easy for you and has 99% of the work done for you.

So what are we left with that meets the criteria and will meet our immediate objectives?

We will see in the next article.

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