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Mastering Online Business

So let’s discover what does meet both the mentioned criteria and our immediate objectives.

  • Email marketing
  • Article marketing
  • Social marketing (web 2.0)
  • Blogging (note: you can also use Squidoo, MySpace or other free ‘sites’)

Here we will focus on blogs because they are free, easy and fast, plus posting to them can be automated with fresh original content.

I’m going to briefly speak to each of these and how you can use them to achieve your objective in good fashion. I’ll then show you how to bring these together to create a nearly hands-free system for you.

Email marketing. If you already have a list, you can your well up and the passive income flowing extremely fast. You can simply email your list about the merchants and the services they provide. Then once the cash flow begins, begin building your rig and your hands-free system as shown just a little further down.

Do take the time to read through the rig-building process so that you understand how it is built and how the parts work together to bring you new cash flow and grow your passive income.

Article marketing. (Hate to write? Don’t worry! We’ll make this super easy.)

It has been well-established that article marketing is very effective and has numerous benefits. It can be used for both fast traffic and long term traffic plus it creates backlinks to your site that make it rank higher in the search engines.

A short while back, Google incorporated the rule discounting duplicate content, so we’ll use a two-prong approach that takes full advantage of article marketing.

The first is wide distribution solely for the purpose of getting your articles in front of people through a distribution service. These articles will get you fast traffic, but will not be unique and thus not have the benefits of the second prong.

The second prong uses services to write and distribute unique versions of your articles, so that the backlinks count with Google and the other search engines. This distribution will gain you some good traffic, but the purpose here is equally traffic and SEO.

In this plan, you are not going to simply write an article and post it to EzineArticles and a couple other sites. This is NOT the typical bum marketing. You are going to use a few tools to get massive distribution for your articles. With this plan, you’ll use articles to get both immediate traffic and long term traffic. More on this in the Step-by-Step.

The articles are also going to fill the marketing functions of presenting the problem-problem and problem-general solution. This way you can be very pointed and persuasive in your article without it being an advertorial that the article directories won’t like.

Social Bookmarking.

By making use of a particular software program, you’ll bring some serious attention and traffic to your articles and again, this also helps with the organic traffic from the search engines. You’ll get this tool during the phase of this plan where you are building your rig.


Blogging for this discussion includes blogs, Squidoo, MySpace or any of the other free sites.

Your blog is where you’ll make the natural conversational flow from problem-general solution (continuing from the article) to the specific solution. Here is where you want to limit the reader’s options through comparison to alternatives, including doing nothing, and really show off the benefits of why your merchant really is the best of the best.

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