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These can have a significant impact on the ease, success and longevity of your efforts. You are going to be relying on these merchants so make sure they measure up!

Here are the criteria for merchant selection:

  • Well established and positioned
  • Good reputation with testimonials displayed on their site
  • Reliable
  • Professional site
  • High conversion of prospects to customers
  • Quality service (or product if a consumable)
  • Very good customer support, 24/7 availability and a phone number to call
  • High client retention
  • Large enough to handle substantial growth
  • Competitive advantage OTHER THAN PRICE

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By marketing needed services, you also magnify the results of your efforts tremendously! Here is an illustration.

If you are selling an ebook, audio or video that is a one time sale that brings you $25 commission, then your customer value is $25.

If you help someone find a service where they are going to be subscribed for an average of 4 years with a commission to you of $25 every month, then your pay for that ONE sale is 48 times that $25. Your customer value is now $1,200!!!


Now let’s look at how this article and this part of the thinking is what will set you free!

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Out of the list that we’ve started with, below are those criteria for things to market which will meet the objectives of your overall goal.

  • High in demand – you want a large market to work with, a large group of people with whom to do business
  • Other people’s offerings – once the sale is made you don’t have to do anything further. This is also known as affiliate marketing, and 99.9% of the affiliate programs out there are free to join. Cool! They do all the work and you get paid!

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