Mastering Online Business

MOB #6: Getting to the Cream of the Crop – What Will Set You Free

Reminder – on the internet, there are literally thousands of choices of what to do, what to market and how to market. For many people that get into internet marketing, there are too many choices and the biggest problem becomes narrowing it down to what will achieve your goal.

Your goal here is simple, so let’s make this simple so you can get into action.

Like with the houses, you don’t want to go look at a thousand houses, so let’s look at each of the points above and eliminate what doesn’t meet your primary objective of financial freedom.

First let’s narrow down our numerous options of what to market and develop our list of criteria for what we want to market. Then we’ll look at criteria of who you’ll want to work with and then the criteria of how to get the word out to begin building your wealth.

Reminder – what you’re doing here is simply helping people find what they already are seeking. Don’t let the term “marketing” be an excuse for not doing this.

In the next post we will cover these points.

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