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Mastering Online Business

So let’s discover what does meet both the mentioned criteria and our immediate objectives.

  • Email marketing
  • Article marketing
  • Social marketing (web 2.0)
  • Blogging (note: you can also use Squidoo, MySpace or other free ‘sites’)

Here we will focus on blogs because they are free, easy and fast, plus posting to them can be automated with fresh original content.

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Let’s filter down the list by looking at your objective and only focus on what is the best of the best for your purposes during this period of freeing yourself. Then you can focus
your energies and really make it productive.

Remember, this is a short term plan to get you financially free. Let’s keep this simple and then you can play and have fun with everything else very shortly – all by choice with your time to do with as you please!

Low risk. Any form of paid advertising is risky because you don’t know for certain the
results of your ads or the medium in which you advertise. Advertising costs can add up very quickly and put you “in the hole” fast, besides eating up potential profits.

Understand paid advertising does work and may be advantageous to do at a later time, but it is not necessary at this point. Besides, it goes against our next criteria.

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Two quick things about the marketing mindset.

1. I recently heard this and wanted to share it with you. I don’t remember who said it, but it is totally true. In marketing, your job is NOT to convince people that they need your product or service. It is to remind them of the need that they already have, remind them of the personal importance of taking action on that need now (the ramifications if they ignore it), and then to show them why your solution is their best option.

2. People have all sorts of problems. Some are urgent right now and some have been put on the back burner or simply ignored. This doesn’t make them any less real.

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