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MOB #2: The Primary Difference between the Rich and the Poor & Middle Class

How the rich approach work and money.

First of all, rich people don’t work for the money to spend on things. Rich people don’t spend their money on liabilities.

They use their money to buy or create assets that pay for those liabilities. This way they keep their money and still get the goodies.

Do they work sometimes? Yes, but only to create or build assets. They work to find ways to have their money make them money. They work to find ways to have other people’s money (OPM) make them money.

They leverage other people’s time to make them money (like employees). They DON’T spend their time working for money and they don’t spend their money on liabilities.

How the poor and middle class look at work and money

Poor and middle class people spend their time working for money. They spend their money on the stuff they want. They spend their time wondering how to “make some money”. Sound familiar?

They have bills to pay and stuff to buy. And they want to be paid now, for their time. So how does one become wealthy?

How do you go about actually becoming rich?

Let’s look at what wealth really is, because making $250,000 a year doesn’t mean you’re financially free, nor do you need that much to become rich.

NOTE: While this article is written using methods that are all free, you should plan on starting off using the free methods, and then when the cash flow begins, to use THAT money (having your asset pay) for specific tools and resources to speed up the process and make your time tremendously more effective and productive.

Remember, it is the money from the asset you’ll be creating, not money from your pocket – unless of course you just want to shave a few weeks off the overall time frame, which is your choice.

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