Mastering Online Business

MOB #8: What to Market (meets the objective of your goal)

Out of the list that we’ve started with, below are those criteria for things to market which will meet the objectives of your overall goal.

  • High in demand – you want a large market to work with, a large group of people with whom to do business
  • Other people’s offerings – once the sale is made you don’t have to do anything further. This is also known as affiliate marketing, and 99.9% of the affiliate programs out there are free to join. Cool! They do all the work and you get paid!

This is also where you get the passive benefit.

  • Non-discretionary – those items that will be in demand in any economic climate; are necessary or integral to the function of the home or business.
  • Services, licenses, memberships or consumables that are non-discretionary – these should pay you a set amount on a monthly basis. This is where your cash flow comes from on a continuous basis for the long term.


In short, you want to market items that are necessary and long term. Services are best because they are the ultimate consumable. You also want services where it would be a pain in the rump or expensive to quit or switch to another provider.

You want to market those services that people not only want and need, but would have a difficult time walking away from, because they are so needed. This is what makes them LONG term passive income that is predictable and reliable for you!

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