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MOB #9: The Real Power: Customer Value

By marketing needed services, you also magnify the results of your efforts tremendously! Here is an illustration.

If you are selling an ebook, audio or video that is a one time sale that brings you $25 commission, then your customer value is $25.

If you help someone find a service where they are going to be subscribed for an average of 4 years with a commission to you of $25 every month, then your pay for that ONE sale is 48 times that $25. Your customer value is now $1,200!!!


Now let’s look at how this article and this part of the thinking is what will set you free!

Remember Jennifer, the one only looking for $500 a month in commissions, but focusing on sales that will pay her every month for a very long time – just for making the sale once?

Here’s the comparison and why this is the strategy to put as your primary focus.

Harry has to make sufficient sales every month to make his $3,000. If he is selling products that have a one-time payout of $25, he has to make 120 sales every month.

Jennifer, however can focus on only making 20 sales per month over a 6 month period to make her 120 sales and her monthly income is now that same $3,000 – because she has been focusing on cash flows, not just cash. The benefit is that her $3,000 a month will continue for a very long time.

The other consideration is that she only worked for a constant number of sales over that period. She focused on 20 every month.

What you will do is start off with the free methods to pay for the resources to take the work out of your hands and exponentially add to your monthly recurring income.

Once that happens, you want to keep reinvesting as fast as you can to accelerate the process.

Why? The whole point of this strategy is that every client you acquire means continuing monthly income with a customer value worth hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

The system shown in this plan will allow you to leverage the resources available so that you spend very little of your time and effort GROWING your passive income.

Instead of looking for only a steady number of sales per month, like Jennifer, you’ll be increasing the number of sales per month and subsequently your making larger and larger increases to your monthly income!

Now, to truly maximize your customer-value and the longevity of your income established with each sale, you have to work with the right merchants to make sure that your customers will be around for as long as possible.

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