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Pay particular attention here, as this is where many get lost in the sea of choices and simply go from the job rat race to the internet marketing rat race.

Cash FLOW. Since you want to be paid over and over again for doing something once, this eliminates one time sales. Anything where you only get paid once is out.

Hands off. You don’t want to have to mess with order fulfillment, customer support, returns, emails etc. Creating and marketing your own products is out. Having your own membership site is also out, since it does require you to operate it, maintain it, provide member support and continue to market it.

No limits. Even if there are backend products following the initial sale, there is a limit to
how far that income will continue, even if you assume that the customer buys everything offered in the backend. If there is a limit to them, then this is out. Also, backend sales are not predictable, so again, single product sales are out, even if it is just a front end to other single sale items.

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Reminder – on the internet, there are literally thousands of choices of what to do, what to market and how to market. For many people that get into internet marketing, there are too many choices and the biggest problem becomes narrowing it down to what will achieve your goal.

Your goal here is simple, so let’s make this simple so you can get into action.

Like with the houses, you don’t want to go look at a thousand houses, so let’s look at each of the points above and eliminate what doesn’t meet your primary objective of financial freedom.

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In Rich Dad Poor Dad, Kiyosaki presents a few plans of action to achieve financial freedom, things he did along the way to acquire the passive income, but unfortunately they were rather time intensive or did require some financial resources.

For example he talked about buying real estate to rent out. He’d look at 100 houses before he bought one to get the really good deal that he knew would be profitable.

Now there’s nothing wrong with that plan, but again, it is one that is going to take a fair amount of time to do it and to learn how to do it right.

The book was originally published back in 1997 which means that things were quite a bit different than they are today. There are certain things available to you today that weren’t then. You can make use of these to become financially free in very short order.

In Today’s World, we Have a New “Land of Opportunity”.

NOTE: as you read through this section, do NOT become overwhelmed or intimidated.
We are going to wind up at a very simple checklist that even a 5th grader could do.

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