Mastering Online Business

MOB #17: Choose a merchant and get your link(s)

  1. Here you’ll visit the merchant and signup for their affiliate program. Make sure you save your link and login information where you can easily find them.
  2. Next, you’ll want to get to know them. Read through their main page, click on informational links. While you’re there, be taking notes of particular bits of information to use in your marketing. What you’ll want to note are things like:
    1. What their testimonials have to say regarding the specific problems that the service solved and what benefit(s) they’ve received by joining the service.
    2. What their various features are, and the related benefits if stated.
    3. Any competitive advantages they have over and above price.
    4. Any freebies they offer at the site.
    5. In general, whatever reasons you might see that a prospective client would choose them over other resources.

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