Mastering Online Business

MOB #16: Fast Track Method for Those without a List

Keep this simple and follow the steps as laid out. Do NOT get hung up on this part. You’ll only be doing this part yourself for a very short time.

These steps are listed in a “modular” fashion. Each is a separate task, so I have created the instructions for each in the individual Appendices. This way you have this overview checklist, and when you are going to do each of the tasks (and very soon have these done for you), you can simply refer to that particular instruction set.

  1. Choose a merchant and get your link(s)
  2. Set up your blog and make your sales page
  3. Create an original article and get it widely published
  4. Write as many articles as you can each week and publish each one to your blog and submit them to Article Directories

Do not miss the next articles for further details 😉

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